Heart Rate Utility

GPU Monitor
Igor "Igogo" Bushin
Considering that it's actually only a simple little gadget, many users won't expect much of GPU...
...size, the refresh rate, or the temperature ...is a great utility that makes graphic card ...all my heart.
Blood Pressure Tracker
Measuring your blood pressure can help you and your doctor prevent or control hypertension...
...blood pressure and heart rate data logging. The ...diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and time of...
Cardio PC Link
Pulse Sonic
Cardio PC Link is a software that allows the user to download to PC information recorded...
...graphs for the heartbeat rate, BMI, fat burnt, calories...
ExPharm for Windows
ExPharm will be helpful for UGs doing a course in Pharmacology. The software can be used for Medical and Dental...
...drugs on the frog heart - Ileum - Bioassay of ...on dog BP and heart rate. The above programs can...
aHRV Analysis
Nevrokard SA-aHRV is a program for the Heart Rate Analysis in small animals...
...program for the Heart Rate Analysis in small ...a considerably higher heart rate than human subjects...
Machinehead Bicycle Software
Nigel Jones
Machinehead Bicycle Software is a versatile and comprehensive suite...
...power calculator and a heart rate calculator. The Gear ...new version of this utility (2.2) comes with...
DAVID Session Editor
Mind Alive Inc.
The DAVID Session Editor is graphics software that allows for any type of session to be designed and downloaded into your PAL...
...setting. Because the Heart Rate scale is different ...other settings, it utilizes a separate scale (...
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